Wednesday, May 14, 2008


3 weeks has passed and I finally was able to get my cast off, Yah anyways but I still have to use the crutches for 3 more weeks and gradually put pressure on my foot since it is really weak. I was hoping that I could loose the crutches and actually be able to carry things and get stuff done around the house wrong thats not the case, its definately going to take a while to heal I'm a afraid. Other than my foot Todd and I are doing great. We are leaving May 23 with my family to go to Utah for a few days and hang out, we will be going to the Lagoon and hopefully I can get some enjoyment out of it since i have to lug around these crutches. One of the days we will probably hang around temple square and do some other things. Sorry theres not much pics to look at we are working at getting some others posted sometime

Thursday, May 1, 2008


In the last few weeks I've had the opportunity to learn of some products that in my opinion should be really good for the body. I've gotten a little frustrated because these things are in the typical multi level marketing. I feel that people would be so much better off if the healthy foods was cheap and the bad stuff was expensive, but unfortunately its the other way around and since its that way. I'm having to stretch our household dollar even more so that i can eat the right way and hopefully maintain this arthritis and not let it get worse. Since i don't have insurance i'm trying to find ways to help my situation and I feel like I have but as i said at the beginning its hard to get when you don't have a extra $200 or more a month to pay for it. I realize that people are trying to help others along with making money but I agree with Neil in which if its that good of a product put in stores and let everyone buy it to be healthier. Sorry for the ramble but I just had to get it out