Monday, August 24, 2009

Darn Stumbling Blocks

So a few weeks ago the mother board in the computer died. For Todds birthday his parents gave him one of theirs that they didn't want anymore. Todd has had trouble getting our hard drive to open instead of the other one when we turn it on. We decided to disconnect the internet and save the money that we spent for it and put it in savings and save a new computer. Last night the power supply to the computer died. So we are back at square one again. So now I have to use my dad's office computer for my primary stuff and the internet.

Since May I have known that a doctors office up here would be needing help come August. Last month I took my resume in and applied for the part time front office positions. Last Friday I went in for an interview with the manager and she hired me on the spot and gave me the tax papers to fill out. I was so excited to finally have a job doing what I love to do, I called Todd and told him, I called my mom and I also told Todds parents. Thirty minutes later I got a voicemail on my phone and it was the manager calling to tell me that she called my references and they said that I was a hard worker but I worked slow so because of that she told me that she changed her mind and wasn't going to hire me. After listening to that it crushed me, I called her back and asked her if I could still work and prove myself that I wasn't slow and she said no. That crushed me even more that she wouldn't even give me a chance to prove myself since at first she chose me over 60 other applicants cause I worked there before. Thats just very very poor business if you ask me.

Right now I'm completely done looking for a job any where because of the way I have been treated by employers. Theres more that I could say but I'm not going to just so it can be confidential.

A lady that I'm friends with is a Foster Parent and she was explaining to me about foster care and shes got me wanting to try it. Of course before we can do it we will have to get licensed and we would need to find a better place to live. It wouldn't cost anything to take the class to get licensed so that is really good. I realize it can be hard at times but for some reason all of a sudden I was thinking since I didn't get the job that we would get more money for doing foster care than me working in that office so I feel like its what we need to try and see if it will work out for us. Wish us luck!

Other than all of these stumbling blocks that are getting our way we are doing really good.