Monday, June 23, 2008

Here it is, May 27th and still have snow on the mountains in Utah. Crazy...

This is the living room of the condo we stayed at in Utah for the Whipple Family vacation. As you can see, lots of room, a nice TV, and the best part...

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Hi Everyone

Sorry its been awhile, I've been wanting to post some pictures of our trip and thats why I haven't posted anything yet but I decided I needed to give some updates and then Todd can put some pictures on later. We left on our trip to Utah May 23rd and got up there around 6 or 7 their time. We went straight to the town house that we rented. There was 27 of us and the town house was a 4 bedroom 3.5 bath and it was 5 levels a bedroom on 4 of the levels and the kitchen, laundry rm and the 1/2 bath on the other level. The house also had a pool table and a spa and thanks to my fun sister and her husband we had the wii to play also. That night we just got ourselves situated and hung out at the house and made dinner there.

Those of us that wanted to got up and went to the Salt Lake Temple to do a session. I didn't wear the boot that I was wearing and I wasn't thinking of having to park blocks away from the temple, I started walking and the more I walked the more my foot hurt and the more it swelled but I kept walking cause there was nothing else I could do. Anyways the session was a live session and that is one experience I will never forget it was so awesome and the temple was really pretty inside. After the session we let Todd go over to the conference center and walk around since he hadn't seen it yet, then we went and ate lunch. When we got back from that, for my nephews birthday we went goofy golfing and then out to dinner.

We went to church and then came home and relaxed we had a good dinner and Kevin opened his birthday presents. My sister gave massages all afternoon too.

We had tickets to go to the Lagoon, when we woke up it was raining, on our way over to the lagoon it seemed that the closer we got to the lagoon the harder it was raining but we went anyways. After all of us entered the park my parents decided to buy some rain ponchos for us so that helped alot . The rides were alot of fun except the mouse ride that jerked us around and my body hurt the rest of the day from it There was one ride that todd and I rode alot and that was the ski lift ride that went from one side of the park to the other. I was thankful for that so I didn't have to walk back and forth as much and that saved my foot from hurting to bad. We had alot of fun there and didn't want to leave. After that we went out to eat at sizzler and then we went back to the where we were staying.

we got up and left to come home. On the way home we stopped in provo and got some yummy Krispy Kremes and then we stopped in beaver to get some squeaky cheese.

Now as for me and my foot its still about the same. I've been wearing a ankle brace everyday and that helps alot. I can't stand to go barefooted cause my feet hurt some bad but when I have my shoes and that brace on I feel like I can walk mostly normal and that is when my knee doesn't hurt. I'm kind of stubborn and I only take meds when I can't stand the pain anymore so I deal with most of the pain. I have an appointment to see a Rhuematologist July 14th so I will see what they say. Other than that Todd and I are plugging along day by day the best we can. The most important thing is we are happy to be with each other