Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Embarrassing Moments but funny

So Saturday we went to walmart to get a few things. After we checked out Todd insisted on carrying the 2 10 lb bags of potatoes in one hand and a gallon of milk with a bag of cheese in the other hand. So we are walking out to the car half way to the car he stops where they have the carts and decides to put all the stuff in a cart cause they were getting heavy. Well the next thing I saw was he put the milk in the cart and started pulling it away from the other carts it was attached to then the back of the cart comes up the milk slides out the back he tries to catch it and it falls with the cap side down and milk goes every where. Right when it happened we were the only ones right there besides the lady that greets customers, she told Todd to go get another gallon of milk so he did and I stood by the cart with the other stuff, All of a sudden a huge rush of people came wanting a cart and there was milk all over the place and the worker lady was going crazy that the mop guy wasn't coming fast enough and I was going crazy cause it seemed like an eternity waiting for Todd to get back with the milk. Finally the mess was cleaned up and we got out of there.

Another funny. Saturday I made out some bills and mailed them off. Sunday I went to get the tithing check to pay it and it wasn't there, then I realized that I mailed the wrong checks to the wrong people.