Monday, December 15, 2008

family get together

Saturday the 13th my mom and her brothers and sisters got together along with the grandkids that could come and we had our annual Perkins christmas get together. I really don't know when they started butas long as can remember I remember going to Mesa or Tucson or staying here on the mountain for a Christmas get together on my moms side and the aunts and uncles would bring potluck and we would enjoy the company of everyone. In the last few years they started doing soup and rolls every year. My aunt Cil is always designated to make the rolls and then the other 8 would bring and soup or 2 or 3 each. On Saturday there was probably 12 different kinds of soups along with grandma perkins homemade noodles made by aunt Jane and aunt Shirlene and rolls to feed an army and then some. There were so many that I got too full to try all of them, but the ones I did eat were really good. Every year uncle Cecil would bring oranges, grapefruit and lemons for those that wanted to take some. Yesterday morning we woke up to snow again there was probably 2-3 inches and its snowing again today and is in the forecast till Thursday. I'm excited for Christmas to come and be together with family and hope that all of you will have a very merry christmas

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Catch up

Sorry to those who like to look at my blog that I haven't posted lately, I'm not the best at blogging but I wanted one for those times that I did have something exciting going on. It makes it harder since we don't have kids to post about. Anyways Todd and I had a wonderful thanksgiving with his family this year, we decided instead of driving back and forth to Taylor we would stay in taylor with everyone. Todd's mom wanted family pictures while we were all together which they were due for a new one since Drew joined the family. On Friday some had to go home for various reasons. That morning we went shooting with those that were still around, Later on that afternoon John, Jessica, Todd and I went to the movies. Jessica wanted to see Twilight and I didn't so John and Jessica were going to twilight and Todd and I were going to Madagasscar. When we got to the theatre there was a huge line and by the time we got inside Twilight, bolt, and Madagasscar were all sold out. We decided to go to lakeside theatre and we decided to watch bolt. Bolt is a very cute movie better than I thought it was.

Friday December 5 we went to the Taylor Christmas dinner and dance. It was fun evening and to tell you the truth thats the only time Todd and I get to dance. Then Saturday the 6th we bought tickets for us and his parents to go to Feaste of Carols. Todds parents have never gone to it so it was fun to take them this year. His dad got called up to do a trick with the jesters.

Sorry theres no pictures I need to learn how to work the camera and cords and everything I usually have Todd do it for me but I do need to learn and we just don't get into taking pictures everywhere we go.