Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Info

So I probably sound like I'm complaining too much. Dr Shumway was worried about arthritis so I had some blood drawn and he called with the results today. For rheumatoid arthritis if your result is 20 or below you don't have to worry but if your result is 60-80 you have a full case of it and I'm at 53 so thats not good but its not bad either. So now I have some research to do to find ways to control it so it doesn't get any higher. As for my foot I will still have to wear the cast for the 3 weeks and Dr Shumway wants me to see my primary care physician to get a 2nd opinion on why my foot is swelling, painful, and muscle weakness and to see if he thinks I need to see a neurologist

Just to let you know on some other stuff thats going on. Todd is playing his french horn in the orchestra for the Show Low High School play thats happening this weekend and next weekend. So I've had alot of long days by myself so I've gone to my moms alot until he was finished with practice. Anyways I'm glad he took the opportunity to play his horn for a good experience but I will be so glad when the play is over so we can get our schedule back to somewhat normal.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Drs News

Well I went to the Dr yesterday and found out that theres no brakes or fractures but he did find a bone in my arch area that was out of place so now I need to go to a chiropractor and have him adjust my foot and put the bone back in place and then i have to back to the dr and have him put a hard cast on it for 3 weeks since i can't walk on it for 3 weeks

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Good News and Bad News

So for the good news I got up this morning and called the lady in Eagar and she told me I would qualify for that type of insurance but the bad news is now I have to be on a waiting list til who knows when before I can get on it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bad News and Good News

So as Todd mentioned that I am having trouble with my foot and can't afford insurance to have tests run to see why my foot keeps swelling, I decided to apply for AHCCCS one more time, well they automatically denied me because of excess income but we are barely affording all the bills we have and on the letter they sent me it said I had 30 days to let them know if I didn't agree with the decision, so I gathered up all the bills and info they would need and Todd and I went to DES this afternoon and they had us waite to talk to someone which was suprising i thought i would have to have an appointment first, The lady called us back and unfortunately because of our lousy federal government there was nothing she could do cause the federal government is making them go by 1978 Gross income to be eligible, That was 30 years ago so thats the bad news. The good news is hopefully I will be able to be eligible for the Arizona Tobacco Tax Primary Care Program cause they go by higher gross earnings the bad part about that is and I'm willing to do it is I have to go to Eagar to apply and they limit you to doctors cause not all of them are in network with it. I told myself after getting very emotional infront of the ahcccs lady that I will go to whatever doctor it takes to get my feet better so i can get on with my life and hopefully be able get a job sometime this summer/fall

My family the camera fanatics. :) I have to admit sometime a appreciate it and other times....well, we'll just leave it at that, lol.

As you all know Jaida has been having issues with her feet. We have gone to the doctors several times and they give us a run around of what's really going on because they don't really know themselves. Anyways, this last Sunday we picked up some crutches of Natalia's and Jaida says it has helped alot with the pain in her foot. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what the overall difference is when we go back to the doctors next week...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hi everybody!!!

Hey all, we finally decided to join in the blogging fun!! This might take a while to get the hang of patient.