Thursday, July 31, 2008

events that have happened the past few weeks

Sorry its taking me a while to post again. First of all I went down to Mesa to see a Rheumatologist. The doctor was really nice and didn't want to duplicate things that were done previously since I was cash pay. She had me do some more blood work and now I found out that I do have Rheumatiod Arthritis. Also we spent 24th of July celebration with Todd's family, I was alot of fun to be together. On July 25th Todd's youngest sister got married to her sweetheart in the Snowflake Temple. That was an awesome experience more so for his parents to have all 4 of their kids with their spouses in the temple. Monday the 28th was my birthday, it was an ok birthday I've had better ones. I found out on my birthday that my job fell through so now I'm trying to stretch the pennies even more since I have some more doctors bills to pay. The night of my birthday my inlaws came up and took us out to dinner to Licanos and then we went to my moms house for cake and ice cream Then on Tuesday I opened the cuppard door and saw ants crawling in on the walls I was kindof busy that day so I ignored them. Yesterday I started clearing out the cuppard and I grabbed a box and there were a million of them in the box so I threw the box where I got it from and ants started coming out by the hundreds it seemed (exaggerating of course) so I grabbed my bathroom cleaner and started spraying cause thats all I had and it killed them on contact I was amazed but then I had a huge mess to clean up and it wasn't very fun. So thats what my last few weeks have been. Sorry no pictures still working on getting some good ones to post

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Exciting News

I am so excited, I interviewed for my first job since i finished medical billing courses and got the job. That has definately relieved alot of the stress that I was dealing with. I will start Monday July 7th