Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year Update

We are finally settled in our new place. We had a wonderful Christmas in Taylor this year. We spent Christmas Eve with my family and then we spent Christmas and the weekend after in Taylor with Todd's family. Since Todd has been layed off of work he has decided to go back to school to be a x-ray tech and specialize in sonography, I am excited for him to get into that field of work but I don't envy the school part. We also got new callings in our new ward. I got called to be the relief society meeting leader which is basically the enrichment leader they changed the name. so I definately got put out of my comfort zone. Todd got called to be on the troop scout committee. I am still babysitting to keep us afloat so we can pay all of our bills. So far we are having a good new year. Our foster care classes start tomorrow night which I can't believe its here finally it has seemed in some ways forever and other ways it went by fast we should be licensed to foster by the end of March.