Monday, June 29, 2009

Another thing to worry about

We have had a stackable washer and dryer since we got married. Well 6 months ago the dryer was acting up and then quit, so I've been having to haul wet laundry to my mom's dryer and no money to have someone to come fix the dryer. Then a week ago I after I did laundry I noticed the day after there was water in the washer tub, well I've continued to use the washer and it works fine but I just get water in the tub after I'm done. This morning I woke up and theres water all over the bathroom floor. That means that the pump has gone out in it and no money to buy a new pump.
The good news is when I lived in mesa 6 years ago I got a side by side washer and dryer that I used. Well when I moved back home I didn't need it anymore but my sister needed a set so she took them. Well she moved back home and didn't need them so my other sister took them. Now that sister doesn't need them anymore so they are back here in Show Low. The other thing is theres only room for the washer in my trailer so I get to haul laundry back and forth even longer. It is interesting how things work out sometimes but I will be greatfull for the washer.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Friday the 12th but it was actually Friday the 13th

Friday morning I got up and started getting ready to go to the valley my cousin's wedding reception. I turned the water on to take a shower and there was no water pressure, so I called Todd to come get me so I could shower at my mom's house. When Todd dropped me off he said he was going to work for 30 minutes and then come back and get me. Well I got showered but I left my curling iron on at my house so I couldn't comb my hair until he came to pick me up. About 20 minutes passed and Todd called and said the car wouldn't start or even turn over, so at that point I got in my dad's truck went to the office got the key to our house came home combed my hair and packed our stuff. While I was home my sister called and told me where the spare key was to their car so we could have a car to go down in. In the meantime todd is trying to jump the car and after an hour it still wouldn't start. I went back to my parents house traded cars and went to get Todd. I had the thought to call the place that my family takes their cars to get worked on and have them look at it while we were gone. On our way home we stopped at the place and told them what was going on and they said they would go get it and look at it. We came home packed the car and headed out. About an hour later we got a call from them telling us that all it was, was croated cables and it running fine now. The good news is since all they did was clean the cables they didn't charge us for that, but we have to pay them for a towing fee. We made it to Mesa fine we had a few minutes to relax and then we changed our clothes and went to Tempe for the reception. My cousin looked really happy and like a princess. Right after we got there they did the first dance and they started out dancing slow and then they had a whole bunch of different songs put on one cd that they did all the moves to it was cute watching them. After the reception we went back to Marielles and played wii with her and Drew.

Saturday we woke up ate breakfast then played the wii some more then we decided to go swimming for a little while. We swam for about an hour and then we had lunch and then Todd and I went to the mall and then we went back to Marielles packed our stuff in the car. Todd was wanting Red Robin so we went there ate some dinner and then headed back home to Show Low

Monday, June 8, 2009

Strike One, Strike Two

A month ago Todd's parents called us and told that the place next door to them was for sale for $50,000 but the people would take $25,ooo just to get out from under them. Todd and I went to Taylor a few days later to look at the trailer. The trailer is a older trailer but its a double wide so it would give us alot more room than the trailer we are in right now. We made a decision to go to the bank and see if we could get financing for it. A week later we found out that if the Trailer was older than 1976 as of june 1st the banks wouldn't give us a lone. We found out that it is a 1973 so at that point we kind of gave up on the idea but we still hadn't heard from the bank. Finally we heard from the bank, to our surprise they told us that they could loan us $30,000 and thats what we were hoping to get to offer them the 25 and then keep 5 to fix it up a little, then they told us since its an old modular home that we had to put $6,000 down well we don't have that and it would take a while to get that much, but we were still keeping our fingers crossed that we could some how get into it. A week later we heard from the owners and they said that they wanted no less than $40,000, so at that point we were bummed and decided there was no way we could do it.

The other day we decided to go to the low income appartments that are a block away from where we are living to see if we could qualify to move into those. We were there for about ten minutes and then they called us up and told us that we don't qualify because Todd makes a few hundred too much for two people. So we walked out of there feeling down and depressed about that. So we are greatful for a roof over our heads even though its not the best we are glad we are not homeless and hopefully there will come a time that we can move out of this fall apart trailer into something with atleast sheetrock on the walls.