Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July A Busy Month

To start off the week of the 12th thru the 18th. Todd's family got together this whole week to spend time with each other. Monday thru Wednesday they went camping up by greenspeak and had lots of fun. Todd had to work but we were able to spend the evenings with them. Thursday since Todd decided to do payroll that night so he could take all day friday off we didn't go to Taylor. Friday the girls did a baby shower for Marielle and then that afternoon we went fishing for crawdads. My sister bought us Wicked tickets for saturday so we missed the celebrations in Snowflake this year, but Wicked was awesome. I loved phantom of the opera but liked Wicked alot more.

Saturday the 25th was the big perkins reunion. It was good to get together and see each other. My uncles decided to rebuild the cabin that their dad brothers and sisters grew up in. Since they did that they decided to invite all the cousins that could come and see how they redid it. The cabin looks really cute and they did an awesome job with it.

July 28th is my birthday but on Monday the 27th I got suprised. My cousins Shannon and Sharilyn and my sister Cynthia came and brought me a dozen roses, some balloons, took me to lunch and to Dairy Queen. That night Todd's parents took us to dinner since they were going out of town on my birthday. We went to El rancho and of course I got sang to and they gave me fried ice cream, it was to good but I took 2 bites and had enough i was too full.

Yesterday for my birthday my mom took me and bought me some new shoes that I need. That evening I wanted Papa John's pizza so we ordered pizza and then went to the G Force movie the one with the ginny pigs

Friday, July 10, 2009

Frustration and needing Help

Todd has figured out what he wants to go to school for. Todd has decided to go to a art school, he talked with a recruiter and its for online or the closest campus is in Phoenix. Todd found out that it would take him 5 years full time to finish, they told him that the tuition for full time would be 18,000 a year and financial aid would only cover 10,000 a year so we would have to come up with the other 8,000. Although if he did it part time they would cover the full tuition but then it would take longer and he is looking for something that won't take too long to finish. He was told that since it was online that they wouldn't cover living expenses. We have talked about going to the campus and finding out what they would tell us. The same guy called Todd this morning and said that the tuition is the same if he went to the campus and for living expenses they would only give 18,000 a year thats how much we are living off of right now and barely making it living in a crapie trailer. We are greatful for a place to live, but we don't want to stay here forever and ever and ever and ever. Right now I just feel like we are digging a deeper hole and not getting anywhere. If any of you know of art schools in the Phoenix/Mesa area and no of what we could apply for financially so that Todd can go back to school please let us know. Todd also said he doesn't qualify for pell grants